‘Pretty Little Liars’ Scoop: EP Teases Wren’s Motives, Answers To Other Big Questions & More.

One. More. Day! The final 10 episodes of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ are going to be crazy, and HollywoodLife.com got the EXCLUSIVE scoop from EP Joseph Dougherty about what’s to come concerning Wren, A.D., and more!

HollywoodLife.com talked EXCLUSIVELY with Joseph Dougherty, one of the executive producers of Pretty Little Liars, at the show’s final PaleyFest event on March 25.

We’ve read that Wren has a crucial part of the final twist of the final episode — what can you tell us about that?
JD: Wren has arguably not been so far away all this time, as you might have thought. I don’t think anyone has a real idea at this point what Wren’s motives have been. And they will discover that.re fans on the right track with theories about Wren being A.D.?
JD: There are so many fans and so many theories. There are a lot of pieces out there that could fit together, but I’m not going to say how they fit together.

We know Spencer got shot in the most recent finale, but we’ve seen the trailer and she seems OK. Will there be a time jump at the beginning of these finale 10 episodes?
JD: Not a big one. There’s a little one … You might notice she does have her arm in a sling.

What was something that you really wanted answered by the end of the series?
JD: There were some other mysteries — like what happened to Charlotte in the bell tower, and who’s really been responsible for some of the things that A.D. has been up to? Besides A.D., has there been another level of people riding on A.D.’s sinister coattails?

Will any questions be left unanswered? Did you leave any opportunity to continue the series in some way after it ends?
JD: The last time I looked, we answered every question that WE could think of. I think it’s meant to be completely satisfying.

Pretty Little Liars returns April 18 at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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